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Tyler Shirley - 2 College Brothers' First Franchisee- Part 1

Tyler was the co-owner of Highwaymen Moving in Greenville, SC for almost three years, before attending a Moving Titan Retreat, and discovering an opportunity in a 2 College Brothers franchise. He took over the existing Gainesville location to become the organization's first franchisee. Tyler reveals his background in the moving industry, and why he felt owing a 2 College Brothers Franchise was a good fit. Wade and Tyler discuss the benefits of owning a 2 College Brothers franchise, and what their goals are for the future. Check out part 2 on the podcast!

Tim Krupp of Move Bees and Krupp Moving and Storage- Part 1

Tim Krupp is a repeat guest for the show, and gives us an update on his three locations in Ohio, as well as his latest startup, Move Bees.

Check out Move Bees and Krupp Moving and Storage online at and

Clifford Starks of Reliable Arizona Movers- Part 1

In this episode, we hear from Clifford Starks, a partner at Reliable Arizona Movers in Tempe, AZ. Clifford is a retired professional UFC fighter and motivational speaker, who brings the habits of hard work, discipline, and attitude he acquired during his professional fighting career into the moving industry. Reliable Movers of Arizona has 10 trucks, and are navigating the housing market downturn with refined systems and processes designed to grab market share in the Phoenix area. Check out part 2 on the podcast!

Bryan Bloom of Mover Search Marketing- Part 1

Bryan Bloom at Mover Search marketing is a search engine wizard, and has helped 2 College Brothers dominate local search in the markets it serves, consistently being one of the top 3 drivers of new business each month. In this episode, we discuss what's new in Google's algorithms, common myths and the truth about backlinks, and the future of Chat GPT and AI as it relates to SEO. Connect With Our Guest Visit the Mover Search Marketing at

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